Electronics Recycling Guide To Turn Your Old Devices Into New Ones And Reduce E-Waste

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Hello, my name’s Mark Lindon. I have to admit that I wasn't always the “greenest” person. I was even known to take a risk and litter once in awhile. However, I started to study the effects of waste on our environment and energy, and I was appalled. I found myself reading and absorbing as much information as I could on the subject. Where I live, recycling isn't a requirement. This makes me mad; it should be a requirement everywhere! I sat my wife and three children down and talked about the importance of recycling. I explained that if we spread the word, we would make a difference in the world. My kids were particularly excited about this concept. Along with their friends, they started encouraging people to have separate bins for their recycle goods. I’m going to share more about this for you.

Electronics Recycling Guide To Turn Your Old Devices Into New Ones And Reduce E-Waste

20 March 2020
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What is E-waste, and why is it important for you to take part in reducing its impact on the globe? First, E-waste is all the electronic devices that you have bought over the years that have become outdated. When you are cleaning up and throw these things in the garbage, they end up in landfills and are a serious problem. Therefore, it is important that the materials in electronics need to be recycled. The following guide will help you reduce your e-waste and the impact discarded electronics have on the environment:

1. Repurposing Old Computers for the Various Servers to Support New Technology in Your Home  

Computers often become outdated and end up disregarded in a closet somewhere in your home. Even though the desktop may not have the latest technology and performance, these electronic devices can be reused for servers that support new technology, such as media streaming, home surveillance and automation systems in your home.

2. Using Old Smart Phones with Cameras and Turning Them into Surveillance Solutions for Your Home

Today, smartphones have increased the E-waste problem because they quickly become outdated and are replaced frequently. You probably have a pile of old phones that you do not know what to do with. There are a lot of programs that can be used to repurpose the phones with cameras to be used as surveillance systems to watch over your home. If you just like technology projects, this can be a fun DIY project to do.

3. Saving Your Old Computers, Phones, and Electronics for Parts to Use for Robotics Projects with the Kids

Your old computers, phones, and electronic devices are full of useful components and circuits if you are interested in robotics. If you have kids and do robotics projects together, a lot of these materials can be saved for parts for these projects. Organize a cupboard to organize and store these devices and parts for your robotics projects that you are planning on doing with your children.

4. Breaking Down Old Electronics to Remove Precious Metals or Giving Them to a Recycling Center Instead of Throwing Them Away

Lastly, you may have electronics that cannot be reused or repurposed. Even though you do not have any use for this electronic waste, there are still precious metals in these devices. You can break them down and remove the metals using techniques like acid baths if you know how to. If you do not want to take the time to remove the metals from your electronics on your own, it is probably better to just take them to an electronics recycling service.

Doing your part to reduce E-waste can help reduce the costs of manufacturing new electronic devices and the impact this waste has on the environment. If you want to do your part to save the environment and have old devices to get rid of, contact an electronics recycling service to ensure they stay out of the landfills.