Going All-In On Recycling: How To Host A Recycling Block Party Event

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Hello, my name’s Mark Lindon. I have to admit that I wasn't always the “greenest” person. I was even known to take a risk and litter once in awhile. However, I started to study the effects of waste on our environment and energy, and I was appalled. I found myself reading and absorbing as much information as I could on the subject. Where I live, recycling isn't a requirement. This makes me mad; it should be a requirement everywhere! I sat my wife and three children down and talked about the importance of recycling. I explained that if we spread the word, we would make a difference in the world. My kids were particularly excited about this concept. Along with their friends, they started encouraging people to have separate bins for their recycle goods. I’m going to share more about this for you.

Going All-In On Recycling: How To Host A Recycling Block Party Event

6 August 2019
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As concerns about climate change intensify, you may find yourself wondering what you can do for the environment. On a local level, a neighborhood recycling block party can be a wonderful way to keep waste out of landfills while also spreading awareness about sustainable practices. Here are some tips you can use to host this type of event on your block.

Scrapyard Partnership

In your home, you may find everything from old electronics to metal furniture. Recycling these items can help you declutter while also doing something good for the environment. Create a partnership with your local scrapyard to have these items delivered at the end of your event. Some scrapyards only take certain types of metals, while others provide services for everything from paper to electronics. You may even want to ask about having staff members attend your event so they can provide more information about their recycling programs to your neighbors. Be sure to discuss prices for scrap metals, as you may be able to pay for the entire cost of your event by recycling enough steel, copper, and other materials.

Contact a company like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp to learn more about recycling scrap metal.

Rent Dumpsters

Having dumpsters designated for each type of recycled good can make it easy for you and your neighbors to sort through items. Using the information from your scrapyard, post signs on each dumpster to let everyone know where to place items they want to recycle. If you are able to close down traffic to your block for this event, you can line up the dumpsters in the middle of the road. If not, consider placement in driveways throughout the block. Your scrapyard and dumpster rental service can coordinate pickup and delivery times for your recycled goods at the end of the event.

Sustainable Food Stands

Consider integrating other types of sustainable practices into your recycling event. Look for food truck vendors who use locally sourced ingredients for their foods and stock up on compostable cups, plates, straws, and silverware for serving the meals your food truck provides. A great option is to contact a company that manufactures these compostable items and ask a sales rep to set up a booth at your event. They can provide promotional goods as well as information about their products to give your neighbors a great alternative to plastic and styrofoam disposable goods.

Student Involvement

Help get the kids in your neighborhood excited about recycling by having them collect items from homes in the neighborhoods. You can assign teams of students to go to homes where senior citizens live. The students can volunteer to gather newspapers, plastics, and metal items for disposal in the recycling dumpsters. The kids get to be active participants and can get to know neighbors they might not otherwise talk to outside of your recycling block party.