4 Ways To Make A Little Extra Money For Your Next Extended Weekend Vacation

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4 Ways To Make A Little Extra Money For Your Next Extended Weekend Vacation

18 May 2015
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If you are planning a small vacation soon, you may not want to break the bank to have a little fun. Setting a budget aside for your trip can help you save. There may be some extra expenses or things that you want to do for your vacation, which if you can find ways to make a little extra money, you can have the money you need to have a more enjoyable trip. Here are some things that you may want to do to make a little extra cash for your next weekend vacation:

1. Return Those Boxed Things You Really Do Not Need

Many people have things that they have bought that are still in boxes. If you have these things in your home, they may be a source of extra cash. It may be something you do not need, or gifts that you are saving or could not give. If you have things that have been in the box and less than 90 days have passed, you may be able to return them and get the cash you need.

2. Scavenge Your Home And Other Places For Loose Change

Starting a piggy bank is another great way to get extra cash. You can put all the change you get in a day in the savings. There is probably a lot of loose change around your home in places like the sofa, your car and under furniture that has not been moved in years. Save all the change you can and then take it to get the cash for your weekend vacation.

3. Recycle All The Loose Metal That Is Lying Around Your Home Or In The Yard

Metal is another resource that you may have around your home. Things like old appliances, the swing set that is broken, junk cars and broken equipment may have valuable metal. You can take these things to the scrap metal dealer and get extra cash. You will just want to be careful and organize the metal well, because metals like copper and aluminum will bring you more cash than steel and tin. If you're looking for a scrap metal buyer in your area, visit Recycling Center Inc.

4. Sell Valuable Collectables That You Do Not Need For More Cash

Collectables can be another way that you can get a little cash. If you have collectables that you are not worried about, you can sell them for extra cash. You may even have some things that are collectables that you did not know about. Old toys, promotional items and classic electronics can all be things people are looking to buy, and you may have them stuffed away in the attic.

With these ideas, there is no reason to break the bank to have an enjoyable vacation.