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Hello, my name’s Mark Lindon. I have to admit that I wasn't always the “greenest” person. I was even known to take a risk and litter once in awhile. However, I started to study the effects of waste on our environment and energy, and I was appalled. I found myself reading and absorbing as much information as I could on the subject. Where I live, recycling isn't a requirement. This makes me mad; it should be a requirement everywhere! I sat my wife and three children down and talked about the importance of recycling. I explained that if we spread the word, we would make a difference in the world. My kids were particularly excited about this concept. Along with their friends, they started encouraging people to have separate bins for their recycle goods. I’m going to share more about this for you.

Making The Decision To Utilize Scrap Metal Recycling To Your Benefit

16 December 2022
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As hectic as the pace of your business can be each day, you may think nothing of tossing away garbage and having it hauled off to the local dump. You may think it takes too much time to sort out the trash and recycle items like aluminum cans, old machinery parts, and pieces of sheet metal. However, you also may not want your business to become known as one of the leading polluters in your area. Read More …

Air Conditioner Recycling Saves Valuable Metals That Would End Up In A Landfill Otherwise

8 September 2022
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Your air conditioner contains steel, aluminum, and copper. It's worth recycling to keep it out of the landfill. You can recycle the AC yourself if you're willing to take it apart, take the air conditioner to a recycling drop-off location, or call an air conditioning recycling service to recycle the equipment for you. A scrap metal recycler may even take the old equipment away and break it down for recycling, but they aren't permitted to remove the refrigerant unless they're licensed to do so, and that has to be done first. Read More …

4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Seeking Commercial Paper Recycling Services

23 May 2022
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Does your company produce a lot of waste paper daily? If so, it is time to start thinking about paper recycling. Unfortunately, although many companies take drastic measures to go green, they may overlook the basics like recycling their office paper. The article will discuss four reasons to hire a commercial paper recycling service.  1. It Is an Environmentally Friendly Solution Paper waste is perceived as insignificant in most offices, explaining why it is often ignored. Read More …